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Feghoots are a hideous form of low humor thought to have been scraped off the bottom of Pandora’s box by a man named Reginald Bretnor who occasionally wrote a kind of science-fiction shaggy-dog story ending in a spoonerism. For obvious reasons, Bretnor published under the pseudonym of Grendel Briarton. He named the hero of these ill-fated tales Ferdinand Feghoot. From there the meme spiraled out of control. Unlike the shaggy-dog which traditionally ends in a bad pun, the feghoot properly should end in a spoonerism which involves transposing sounds in a phrase, such as, “sew you to a sheet,” instead of “show you to a seat.” You can find many examples, however, of rancid tales called feghoots ending in long and twisted puns. The appropriate response to a feghoot is a loud groan. Feghoots graphic

For the most infamous feghoot by Isaac Asimov, avoid this link:

For more about feghoots, avoid this link:

If you wish to try your hand at making us all groan with agony and delight, submit your original feghoot in the comment box below.