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Membership in Isolated M SIG is open to all current Mensa members. The electronic newsletter is free.

If you desire to receive the monthly Little Green Rag newsletter in the print version, you have one more step to do: Please print out and mail in the following form, along with a $12 ($21, foreign) check to: Isolated M, PO Box 52442, Sarasota FL 34232. 

The paper version must be renewed annually with the form and a check.

The Isolated M SIG

Our SIG delivers good feelings, mental stimulation, joy, and is populated by gentle souls.  Our patrons are travelers, international members, and Mensans who live in the boonies.  We also have members who do not travel at all and live in big cities.
Activities are basic: We read the Isolated M newsletter, send communications, meet other Mensa members, share humor and travel stories, make friends.