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Because Mensans appreciate education, the Isolated M Harper Fowley Scholarship was started in 1988. The award is for a student pursuing an undergraduate liberal arts degree (B.A./A.A.).

As of 2018, the balance in our fund allows Isolated M to award a $600 scholarship. Tax-deductible donations may be made at:

The above link will take you to the Mensa Foundation web page where you can make a secure donation by credit card. Be sure to select RECOGNITION (In honor of): Isolated M Harper Fowley Scholarship. You will have to type in Isolated M, or Harper Fowley, to have the donation credited to the Isolated M fund (otherwise it is General).

Thank you for your generosity in helping the next generation!  More information about the Mensa Scholarship Program is at

Why Join Isolated M?

Our SIG delivers good feelings, mental stimulation, joy, and is populated with gentle souls. Our patrons are travelers, international members, and Mensans who live in the boonies. We also have members who do not travel at all and live in big cities.

Activities are basic: We read the Isolated M newsletter, send communications, share humor and travel stories, make friends. Isolated-M has been publishing the Isolated M newsletter since 1974. We pride ourselves on its quality content 95% produced by members.


Glossary of some of the stranger terms used in the Isolated M newsletter and Mensa in general.