How we meet other Mensans

We are not all that isolated. We meet in the newsletter by contributing and reading. We visit member websites. Regional Gatherings permit us to meet in person and we can seek out other members in our travels.

Monthly Newsletter

This is a sample of monthly newsletter from February, 2020. Providing a newsletter with 95% of the content from members is our mission. Please join the Isolated M SIG to become a free online subscriber and contributor.

Links to Member Websites –Learn about Ann’s art. – This is a webcomic perfect for quirky high-IQ types! – Find fun information powered by the Mensa Foundation. – Mensa International — the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world.  Archives of our newsletter are stored on this website (Instructions on “What we do” page). – American Mensa — Isolated M is a Special Interest Group (SIG) of both American and International Mensas.

Family Reunions

Isolated M members are, indeed, scattered all over the world. However, that doesn’t stop us from popping up at Mensa Regional Gatherings (RGs).

We have a tradition of Saturday NOON luncheon Isolated M Family Reunions at all Mensa RGs.  Post your own invitation sign.  Since Mensa is inclusive, we welcome all at our table.

Chance Encounters

Isolated Ms do manage to meet one another occasionally. When it’s only two or three, we can’t really call it a Family Reunion. If you encounter another IM, send us a photo.

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