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Isolated M – 45 Years of History!

Isolated M was launched in 1974 and became one of the most friendly, frequent, and internationally inclusive of Mensa’s newsletters.  Over four decades many dedicated volunteers published hundreds of issues of the Little Green Rag (cover color), as it is affectionately called.



Our founder, Harper Fowley, was the Local Groups officer of American Mensa. Realizing that overseas members (military, ex-pats, etc.) had no Local Groups, he created the Isolated M newsletter June 1974. This publication was the heart of  Isolated M that knit members into a scattered-but-connected Local Group (#999).

1980s – 2000s


The Isolated M newsletter October 1976 issue reported 1500 circulation in paper! It went to the Special Interest Group (SIG), Mensa officers, American Mensa members living outside the U.S., American Mensa local groups without newsletters, Mensa Canada, and to International Members.  After Harper Fowley, Darlene Criss (Head Cluck) was the SIG Coordinator who did it all for many years.  Decades of dedicated volunteers (called Crew) faithfully published what was fondly termed the Little Green Rag (LGR – for the cover color).  Our current editor is Lida.  Past Editors are founder Harper Fowley (8 yr), Lloyd Teitsworth (2 yr), Darlene Criss (10 yr), Ruth Danielle & Dan Dozier (4 yr), Susan Ramsdell (12 yr), Kerin & Jim Bunstock (2 yr), Pete Levy (1 yr), Ed Lomas (1 yr), and Ruth again from 2016 to 2018.



Since January 2018, Isolated M remains a SIG (no longer a Local Group) headed by Bryan Lundgren.  He herds (cats and) an able Crew who curate the Isolated M newsletter each month for 1000 subscribers (including 600+ Direct International Members).  The tradition continues!  We welcome you to:   JOIN US .

What Our Members Say

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A Blend

“I just love it when the LGR arrives with its blending of old-fashioned light-heartedness and modern-day reality.”
– Mineola, NY

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I DO like feghoots.”
– Pottsville, PA

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Other Places

“I particularly like to hear from folks who live in other countries or work in places different from ‘home.’ “
– Hemet, CA

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Scariest Night

“That was the scariest night of my life when the storm passed through…”
– Christiansted, VI

A Word about Our Crew

Our Crew was reorganized in 2016. Only Honcho Ruth and Co-Coordinator Kathleen knew each other. Ruth is in Florida; Kathleen travels the world; Editor Lida is in Tennessee; Web Editor, Donna, is in Montana; Treasurer, John is in Chicago. In July 2018, Bryan Lundgren from Michigan became Coordinator. No monthly meetings here!

Ruth Danielle

Ruth Danielle


Thirty-some years ago, Ruth joined Chicago Area Mensa, where she was aided in overcoming her terminal shyness. In San Diego Mensa (10 years), she was Area Coordinator and Editor…and learned to love Double Deck Cancellation Hearts. Served as “The Other Editor” of Isolated M for five years in the ‘90s. In Manasota Mensa (Florida), was LocSec for a few terms and continues as Major Pest. Cherishes her Mensa friends around the world. Major achievements: HalloweeM Costume Contest Winner and being named a Champeen Hugger at the Tampa Bay Gathering. Her goal is to provide a friendly community for Isolated Ms.



Editor Extraordinaire

After attempting such occupations as air traffic controller, real estate agent, etc., I have found a field of endeavor that is challenging and personally rewarding — book publishing. I am the founder and owner of Paladin Timeless Books and Twilight Times Books as well as Twilight Times ezine.

Over the years my hobbies have included (but not limited to): travel (Canada, Mexico, England, Scotland, France, Switzerland, Monaco, Greenland, Iceland, Japan, Philippines, etc.), flying (flew to Europe in a BE-35 (V-tail Bonanza), motorcycles (Norton 750cc), reading (average 2000 wpm, which is useful when looking over the slush pile), etc.



Co-Coordinator & Travel Editor

I joined Chicago Area Mensa in 1983 and became the editor of ChiMe. Those were the wax-and-paste years. Somehow I managed to put out a 32-page missive on deadline for several years until I moved to Germany. I joined MinD (Mensa in Deutschland) and subscribed to IM. Soon, Ruth recruited me as Travel Editor and I’ve served for more years than I can remember. Your travel articles are always welcome, especially if sent to MY e-dress! My name on the mastfoot, so thanks in advance for submitting. I have met lovely, friendly members in Bulgaria and India. Having returned stateside in 2005, I am occasionally at home near Chicago, but mostly still “on the road” seeing the world.

John M



John is a long-time member of Chicago Area Mensa, for which he has served on the board, been treasurer, and chaired the regional gathering, HalloWeeM. He’s also the current treasurer of Hell’s M SIG.

John retired from Illinois Bell and is active in the Boy Scouts and model railroading. He’s been making trips to Colorado recently to map the terrain and view trains in their historical setting. He’s also a pretty good Double Deck Cancellation Hearts player.

Bryan with tree



Bryan is Mensa Life Member and a retired automation engineer who enjoys national parks and attending RGs. He says, “The world needs more kindness, humor, human contact, and joy, served with humility. Isolated M is where anyone may practice these activities.”

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Todd Bender

Facebook Facilitator

Growing up in a small Indiana town, I dreamed of driving cross country in a van. It took 20 years of corporate software engineering and 5 years as a massage therapist to sell (almost) everything and live On the Road in a RV.  I will be socializing with Facebook users as I travel.

Donna with haystack minion


Web Updates

Donna lives in Montana where art includes hay-bale sculpture and winter includes darkness with many blankets. She shares a house with a husband and his bird dog near the Great Falls of the Missouri River.

Donna with haystack minion


Scholarship Sage

Candace loves knowledge and learning and has a collection of college degrees (B.A., B.S., M.A., and ABD). She will use her storytelling skills to encourage donations that increase the permanent Isolated M scholarship fund. Thanks for contributing!

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