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Ashleigh Brilliant’s New Book

Check out longtime member's latest book and book-signing: "I Need More Time - And I Probably Always Will" at Chaucer's Bookstore - 18 November 2019 http://swt.org/events/ashleigh-2019-1118/


Many thanks to Colleen Criss Eagle who loaned 125 issues of the LGR for scanning. As of September 2019 we seek these back issues:  1974, 1976-1984, 1994-1999 The total Isolated M Archive is now 303 issues with 150 more to go. If you have a collection, please share it with us.

Ten Tips to Keep Your Brain Young

Isolated M member, Elizabeth Amini, CEO & Co-Founder, Anti-Aging Games, LLC; Adjunct Professor, USC Marshall School of Business; President & Co-Founder, Trojan CEO Network; has kindly let us post her YouTube video: Ten Tips to Keep Your Brain Young. Enjoy!

Harper Fowley – Isolated M Scholarship Award 2019

Our very own SIG scholarship fund awarded $600 to Emily Nichols of Port Allen, LA. She was named West Baton Rouge Parish High School Student of the Year, and is on track to excel in college and in life. Congratulations, Emily!  Isolated M SIG members can be proud of our financial participation in furthering the education of the next generations....

70 Archived Little Green Rags (LGR)

Members have asked for back issues of the LGR. More than 70 issues of the Isolated M newsletter are on the Mensa International website.1) Log into the Mensa International website: www.mensa.org/publications/isolated-mNOTE: This login requires a different password from American Mensa.2) Click on the PDF you wish to download.

It’s Hard Writing Feghoots

Doing this is hard. Writing Feghoots, I mean. Mine were rejected and rejected by nit picky and demanding editors. “Doesn't make me laugh,” one wrote. “You can't spell,” noted another. After a few tries this one was published by the Isolated M newsletter. The editor helped by saying: “If at first you don't proofread, it's bye, bye...

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