Valentine Trivia. Enjoy.

1. Who started the tradition of giving boxes of chocolate on Valentine’s Day?

2. When was the first Valentine sent?

3. Who was the first company to mass produce a Valentine’s Day card?

4. Who receives the most Valentine’s Day cards?

5. What is considered the most romantic Valentine’s Day oil painting in the world?

6. What is the most popular gift on Valentine’s Day?

7. What is the most popular greeting card?

8. When was signing a Valentine’s Day card considered bad luck?

9. What is considered the origins of the mid-February holiday?

10. What country celebrates a Single’s People Day after Valentine’s Day?

11. In what country do the women give dark chocolate to men on Valentine’s Day?

12. What country celebrates Children’s Day precisely nine months after Valentine’s Day?

13. Which Shakespeare play features Valentine and Proteus?

14. Which symbol does New York’s Empire State Building illuminate on every Valentine’s Day?

15. In one country there is a tradition that girls plant onions in different pots; each pot is labeled with the name of a boy. The belief is that the girl will marry the boy whose name is kept on the pot where the fist onion grew. What country has this tradition?
And the answers are (click here):

1. Richard Cadbury, in 1868. 2. 15th century by a French duke named Charles to his wife. 3. Hallmark, starting in 1913. 4. Teachers. 5. The Kiss, Gustav Klimt, 1909; distinctive for its heavy use of gold foil. 6. Flowers; followed by chocolate. 7. Christmas cards; followed by Valentine’s Day cards. 8. The Victorian Era. 9. Lupercalia; a celebration of the coming of spring. Included fertility rites and the pairing off of women with men by lottery. 10. South Korea. 11. Japan. 12. India. 13. Two Gentlemen of Verona. 14. A heart. 15. Germany.

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