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Family Reunion, November 25

On November 25, Isolated M members gathered at Dan Murray and Jim Gollattscheck’s home in Sun City Center (FL) for a mailing party (called in the olden times FSM – Fold, Staple, Mutilate). After a wonderful brunch which Dan prepared, we pasted, folded,...

Feghoots – What are those?

Feghoots are a hideous form of low humor thought to have been scraped off the bottom of Pandora's box by a man named Reginald Bretnor who occasionally wrote a kind of science-fiction shaggy-dog story ending in a spoonerism. For obvious reasons, Bretnor...

My New Family

by Ruth Danielle It was September 8, 2012, and I was tired. Since leaving Sarasota May 4, I had ridden on a smattering of trains, survived an unbelievable variety of buses and “taxis,” and logged several hundred miles on my pedometer. I had crawled into 45...